At Brain Warp Studios we are insanely passionate about what we do. We put our collective heart and soul into every detail of the games we make.  Our games stand apart because the love shines through!

We have tons of experience in the entertainment industry! Film, TV, Games-you name it. We bring old school art and animation production values to online games. Sometimes, we even use pencils!!

We believe in keeping it indie. Our fans love our games because they are uniquely bold and original. People recognise these games are not churned out by the big corporate machine! Brain Warp Studios games are intelligent, hand crafted jewels created by free-thinking artists-real, living, loving human beings!

Online gaming represents a unique opportunity for small game studios with the right mix of talent and philosophy. Brain Warp Studios is uniquely postioned with the success of Pot Farm under our belts and new concepts in the works. If you love Pot Farm, you’ll really love what we are dreaming up now.

So, hop on the magic bus! Come work with us and build the next online game sensation!!

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  • IP development
  • Team building
  • Team management
  • Art concept
  • Design and production
  • Flash art and animation for games